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Hello there, we have prepared an onboarding guide to get you started
1. How to join FabrSquad?

To join FabriSquad, you have to register with Fabrilife. If you are already a registered Fabrilife customer, you don't have to register again. You can just log in and you're all set. Click here to log in or register.

2. I have registered and logged in. What to do now?

Once you are registered and logged in to our system, you will be greeted with your FabriSquad Dashboard. Once you are here, we will ask you to create a personalized coupon that you will share with your customers.

Now that you have generated your own coupon, you will see that your empty dashboard has been replaced with different data points. See the screenshot below.

In this image, you will be able to see the summarized data of your total affiliate history of

  1. Your total commission. This will be updated when your affiliated customer's order is completed
  2. The total bonus you earned with the FabriSquad extra bonus program is based on your sale counts.
  3. The amount you have withdrawn previously
  4. Amount of your payment you will receive on your next payout day.
  5. Your custom coupon. You can share this coupon with your customer, they will be able to use this coupon on the app/website while they purchase.
  6. Your referral URL. You can also share this referral URL with your customer. Once your customers click on that link, they will enter fabrilife website and the coupon will automatically be applied when they checkout
  7. Your current commission percentage.
  8. Your customers' discount percentage.

3. How do I know if anyone ordered using my referral coupon or URL?

At the bottom of your FabriSquad Dashboard, You will be able to see your "Referral History".

In this image, you will be able to see a list of orders made by your affiliated customers. This list also contains information on that order. For example

  1. Order ID
  2. Name of the customer who made the purchase.
  3. Status of the order.
  4. The total value of the order.
  5. Amount of customers discount
  6. Your commission from that order. This also shows the breakdown of how you got that commission amount.
  7. Purchase date & time

4. I can share my Coupon & Referral URL with customers. Can I share your products for marketing purposes?

Yes, you can always feel free to share our products for marketing purposes. We have also created an option for you to make product sharing easier. When you are logged in to Fabrilife, you can go to any of our product pages and you will see an "Affiliate URL" option to share our product. This URL contains your referral information. So when a customer clicks on this link, our system will automatically apply your coupon for that customer. Here is a screenshot for your reference

5. You haven't asked for any payment information. How do I get paid then?

At the top of your FabriSquad dashboard, you will see two buttons "FabriSquad Dashboard" & "Payment Settings".

Click on that "Payment Settings" button and you will see a payment form.

You will notice that this form is not editable yet. First, you will have to click on the "Add Payment Info" button. This will open a prompt and verify your phone number by sending an OTP to your registered phone number.

Once you verify your phone number you will be able to edit this form and submit it with your preferred payment information. You can edit this information in the future using the same process. Once it is done. Our FabriSquad support team will send you payment after every 15 days.

6. How do I know when I get paid?

Your payments will be disbursed automatically to your preferred banking/bkash channel within 5 days after your last 15 day payment cycle. Please note, Minimum payout amount is Tk. 1000.

On your FabriSquad Dashboard, you can see all your payment history and details.

On your dashboard, there are two buttons after the summary blocks. Click on that "Payment History" button and you will see all previous and pending payment details here. This table contains payment information like...

  1. Payment ID. This ID can be helpful when you have to make any payment-related claim or dispute with FabriSquad support.
  2. Status of that payment. This will tell you if any payment is pending or completed.
  3. Payment notes consist of any extra information related to your payment details. For example - bKash transaction id etc
  4. Payment date and time

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