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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fabrilife?
Fabrilife is the largest print-on-demand online platform in Bangladesh for fabrics.
It is also a massive crowdsourcing platform which facilitates creative people turn their ideas into products and profits. We allow you to design custom products and buy it on the fly; or open a store in minutes with products (aka campaigns) as much as you wish, promote the store and its campaigns and generate sale without any cost or risk. As you ensure sales, we take care of the manufacturing, shipping, customer service, and everything else that goes into making sure your customers are happy.
How do I create a new design in Fabrilife?
Go the the “Create” page on the top menu bar of the website or follow (farbilife.com/design). There you will find your preferred type of Tee ready to be designed with various designing options. You can write texts with various fonts and colors and outlines, or you can attach image from your own machine, or use our custom emojis. You can even search for various custom artworks and use them. Besides, there is a drawing tool by which you can draw any pattern or shape you prefer on your Tee
What is a Campaign?
A campaign is a designed product you have created using our design tool in order to sell. Every item you create for selling purpose is named as “campaign”.
How do I create a campaign?
When you have completed a design in our design page, click on the “Sell This” button in the bottom right corner of the page. There you will find the page where the campaign pricing needs to be set. This is the actual price buyers will be paying when they will purchase the product from your campaign. Remember, you will have to set the pricing between the lower and the higher limit set by Fabrilife. You can also check your profit estimation simulation on the fly while setting your price.
Once you have set your price, you proceed and give the campaign its title, description, category, primary tags and optional tags. All these information are very important for your campaign and will be very helpful later on when it comes to the searchability and visibility of your campaign among the buyers.
I do not find any category or tags that goes with my design. What should i do?
We have provided a large variety of categories and primary tags for our designers to choose from while they decide to start on a campaign or publishing one. If it occurs that your campaign does not match any of the options provided in the system, you simply select the nearest match and proceed. You can also add your custom tags to make you campaign more descriptive and searchable.
You can let us know about your desired categories ([email protected]) and we will consider about adding your choice of categories later in the system.
I do not want my design being saved by browser. What should i do?
Your work on the design page is being saved by the browser every 20 seconds to prevent you from any possible loss of data. If you do not wish this to happen, simply select the “Clear All” button at the floating toolbar above the design Tee frame. All your work will be cleared from the page permanently.
I have created my campaign. Why it is not published immediately?
As soon as you create your campaign, our “Campaign Verification team” checks the campaign for the below mentioned issues:
  • Content(s) including message or graphics inappropriate for the general population.
  • Content(s) which provokes nudity, vulgarism or harassment of any sort towards an individual, group, society or institution.
  • Content(s) which transcribes any kind of political message or agenda.
  • Content(s) associated with any sort of religious or ethnic belief.
  • Content(s) which may entirely or partially resembles an already published campaign.

As soon as your design successfully completes all the publication criteria mentioned above, Fabrilife publishes your campaign right away.
My campaign price I set initially was too high. Can i change it later?
No. Once you set your campaign price, you cannot change it later. Although you can always assign promo codes to your campaigns which will deduct upto a certain percentage of its price if your customers apply the code. If you really think that the price of your product should be re-considered, then send an email to [email protected] with referece to your product and new price.
I want to create a campaign for all other available products. How is that possible?
You can create a campaign for a single type (For example, Men’s) and when that campaign is published you can always clone that campaign for other types. You will have the cloning option for each of your published campaigns in the “Campaign” page your dashboard.
My Campaign is Published. What should I do now?
As soon as you are notified that your campaign is published, you can start sharing your creativity with your friends and family or various other offline groups you are familiar with. You can also try online advertising to promote you design to reach your target audience.
I Want to change the design of my campaign. Is this possible?
No. You can change various information (title, description, category, tags) of your campaign any time you wish but not the design of the campaign.If you think you have done something wrong with your current design or want to add more to it, simply unpublish the current campaign and create a new one.
Does Fabrilife change my campaign information?
Fabrilife has a “Campaign Verification team” responsible for ensuring acceptability, fairness, accuracy and better searchability of designs and contents of each campaign before publishing it into the platform. While doing so, the team sometimes need to make subtle changes to the information you as a seller provide us with the campaign.
We might change campaign information in one or more of the following cases:
  • Inaccurate categorizing or tagging(s).
  • Spelling or Grammatical mistakes.
  • Scope for additional categorizing or tagging (Showcasing for events or occasion).
How do I know when my campaign generates sale?
As soon as an order is placed for any of your campaign(s), it will be visible in the campaign page of your dashboard. Same goes for any of the orders for your campaign that has been cancelled.
Besides, when an order consisting of one or more of your products is shipped to the customer, you get an email and sms notification for that.
My campaign was published once, But now it is unpublished and not by me. Why?
Even if our “Campaign Verification Team” publishes your campaign once, there are some use cases for which the campaign might be unpublished again. Like:
  • Copyright claims.
  • Duplicate campaign claims with proof.
  • Violation of any of the campaign publication criteria in later assessment by Fabrilife authority.
Can I Unpublish any of my campaigns?
Yes. You can unpublish or republish any of your campaigns any time you wish. Once you unpublish your campaign, the campaign will not be visible or searchable anywhere in the website and not even Fabrilife authority cannot make it published again.
I do not have any Bank or Bkash account. How do i get my FABRICASH payouts?
Currently we do not have any other alternate methods except for these two to activate seller Fabricash payouts. You must need to have at least one of these accounts to collect payouts.
I forgot to send my payout request. How will i get my payments?
If you do not send any payout request before a payout day, you will not be eligible to get your payouts on that day. You have to wait till you see next payout date on your dashboard and send payout request to get your payouts at the earliest convenient time.
The Next Payout Day shows ‘TBA’. What does that mean?
We have 2 payout dates every month, and after the second payout date we will update the first payout date of the next month as soon as the next month starts. In the meantime, you might see something like ‘TBA’ which means ‘To Be Announced’. Once we set the payout date for the next month, you will see the exact date on your dashboard.
I have sent a payout request but did not receive money. What happened?
Usually if you submit your payout request within the day before the payout date, we start processing your payout on the payout day. This process might require additional days due to long queue of payout processing. Usually in case of Bkash payments, you should be having notifications as soon as we send out the payments. For Bank transfers, the transaction time might vary from 2-4 working days from one bank to another.
If you still feel you did not get your expected payouts within a significant amount of days, please contact us calling the number +8809677666888 or shoot us an email at [email protected]
Does FABRILIFE promo codes affect my earnings?
No. Promo codes that are provided by Fabrilife authority do not impact on the earnings of the sellers. They will get their original share of Fabricash.
I want my campaign to move forward in the website gallery. Is there anything i can do?
We use a sophisticated sorting algorithm for displaying our products in the system which depends on various parameters. So, there is no way to guarantee your product to be displayed upfront manually. But if it the campaign is a popular one among the buyers and causes a lot of profit for yourself, there are good chances for the product to be moved upwards in the gallery.
I want to place order with large quantity. But cart page does not allow to add more than 15 items per size. What should I do?
In this case you can directly email to [email protected] or call to our hotline +8809677666888 with your requirements or queries.
Do I get special pricing while putting orders in larger volume?
For the gallery items, it is not possible to offer you an special pricing because; for each sale, the designer receives a certain percentage of commission which is being deducted from the payable price.
Although for the custom designed items, we do offer varied discount percentages depending on the volume of the order. The final discount percentage value of course will be decided by the Fabrilife Authority.
Is it possible to purchase gallery items and also custom designed items in the same order?
Yes you can. You can place purchase gallery items as well as your custom designed Tee on any quantity in a single order.