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About payouts

Some might argue that this is the most important section of your seller dashboard – where you get paid! Payouts can be sent via Bank (EFT / direct deposit) Or bKash. 

Payout Request  

To activate a payout request, a Seller needs to 

  • Must need to provide payout information
  • Must need to achieve Payout threshold before the next payout date.


Payout Info

In you Payout page, you should provide all the necessary information regarding your preferred payout methods. Currently we have two methods;  Bank (EFT / direct deposit) and bKash.

If your Preferred payout method is via Bank Accounts; Just put all the necessary Banking information in the form and if it is bKash, provide the personal BKash number.

You can provide both types of information to us and choose among them interchangeably. We will send your payments based on your last choice of payment method.

Please be careful while providing the payout information because Fabrilife will NOT be responsible for any failed payout that occurred due to the incorrect payout information provided by the seller. Double check all the necessary fields (Account No., Bank Name, Branch Name, bKash No. etc) before submitting. You have the option to edit any time you wish; but it is once again advised to be really careful while providing these information.

Payout Dates

Currently Fabrilife offers 2 (two) monthly payouts to each eligible seller to receive his/her  FabriCash . The payout dates are decided usually within the first couple days of a month by admin and the date becomes visible on the top right corner of the payout page as soon as the next payout date is fixed. 

Payout threshold

To be eligible for granting payouts , a seller needs to earn a certain sum of FabriCash based on his/her choice of preferred payout method. If a seller wishes to receive payout via bKash , The FabriCash earnings must be at least 500 BDT on the next payout date and  1000 BDT if the preferred method is Bank Transfer.

Things to Note

  • A seller will not be able to request for payout or change payout information on a payment date even if he/she has achieved the  threshold. 
  • If someone misses or forgets to request payout before a payout date, he/she will again be able to request payout right after the payout day ends.That request will be processed on the next payout date
  • Seller can hold payouts indefinitely and request for payouts when a large sum of FabriCash is earned by his/her Fabrilife account. Your earnings are completely secured with us and ready to be transferred on-demand, anytime you wish. 
  • Right after a seller requests for a payout, that request is received immediately by our system. We start to process the request on the next payout date and start sending payouts as soon as all the necessary verification is done.
  • For bKash payments, the sellers usually receive payments into their personal bKash accounts within the same day. For Bank transfers, the payout reception time might vary from 2-3 working days. These mentioned timelines are subjected to be changed due to various circumstances and not to be taken as absolute. 


If you feel you have missed out on your payment please email us at [email protected] with proper information.