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Creating New Product

Design file tips & best practices

As you develop your design keep in mind high-quality PNG files with a transparent background are the preferred design file type when using the Fabrilife Designer. Also, if you add a design on the front and back of the products this will increase their base cost as well as your profit; although they have a slight risk of attracting less buyers for high price. 

Accepted File types

The Fabrilife Design tool  only accepts PNG, SVG and JPG/JPEG file formats (we recommend using PNGs).

Design dimension

Multiple sizes are available for all products (small, medium, large, X Large, XX Large)—the design you upload can be applied to all product sizes. The design must comply our Acceptance Criteria (URL to acceptance criteria section) to be eligible to be published. 

An image file must need to be at least 300 X 400 pixels and not more than 3000 X 4000 pixels in Width X Height  ratio.

Color System

Bascially any color or shades in your imaginary spectrum.We use an RGB workflow. Our printing machines print Red, Green and Black, as well as the traditional CMYK, which allows for a larger color gamut.

Things to keep in mind


If your image doesn’t meet the minimum pixel requirement (300 x 400px) , we prevent you from continuing any further. There are 2 things you can do:

  • You can resize your image (smaller) until it hits the minimum threshold
  • You can upload a higher resolution image.

If you’re having trouble staying under the maximum pixel requirements in the Fabrilife Designer there are a few things you can try:

  • Within your design software, resize the design to match the artboard size of  (3000 x 4000px) and export/save it as a PNG.
  • In photoshop, use ‘change image size’ option to get your design to at least 3000 x 4000px and then export/save it as a PNG.
  • Keep in mind you may have to resize the design once it’s uploaded to the Fabrilife Designer.