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Content Verification Policy

As soon as you create your campaign, our “Campaign Verification team” checks the campaign for the below mentioned issues:

  • Content(s) including message or graphics inappropriate for the general population.
  • Content(s) which provokes nudity, vulgarism or harassment of any sort towards an individual, group, society or institution.
  • Content(s) which transcribes any kind of political message or agenda.
  • Content(s) associated with any sort of religious or ethnic belief.
  • Content(s) which may entirely or partially resembles an already published campaign.
  • Content(s) which may lack clarity in image quality or sharpness  while inspection. 
  • Content(s) not up to the marks in regards of Fabrilife content standardization.

Additionally, Fabrilife preserves full rights to make decision of publishing, unpublishing or blocking of any campaign.

Note: Anyone who does plagiarism in our platform and someone claims about it, we demand the proof of content of the actual work and if the claim verifies to be true, we immediately delete the product from our platform and ban the artist for lifetime

As soon as your design successfully completes all the publication criteria mentioned above, Fabrilife publishes your campaign right away.